Monday, March 21, 2011

My First Post

I don't know about you, but I am always on the search for the next greatest beauty product; my HG if you will. I probably own 30 concealers, but every time I see or hear about a new one, I have to try it. It doesn't matter that the one I am currently using works great, I still feel like maybe there is something out there that will work better... and I just have to find it!

Because of this desire to seek out the best of the best, my collection has grown quite a bit over the last two years. I guess I didn't quite realize how large it was until I had some friends over a few weeks ago and they were shocked when they finally saw my much hyped collection. (Now my collection probably pales in comparison to many others, but to my friends that own only a few eye shadows and a few lipsticks, it was huge!) When they asked how I could ever possibly use that much makeup, I simply said that I couldn't. I have tons of products that have never been used or have only been swatched that are just sitting there.

That got me thinking and I decided that I would start a blog, partially to swatch all of my current collection (which I hope will be a way to put my unused products to some use by helping others to see what they look like) and also to keep up with new releases and upcoming collections. I also plan on reviewing tons of products as I continue my search for my HG products.

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